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Strobel Industry's path to efficient tool procurement with Tooltip 

It's never too late to begin the independent tool ordering journey, but it's easiest to do it from the start.

Strobel Industry Thomas und Johannes Strobel

Managing directors and brothers: Thomas Strobel and Johannes Strobel

about the company

Strobel Industry, a newly founded company in the field of precision turning, stands for innovative solutions and efficient processes. Despite its short company history, the team around founding brothers Thomas and Johannes brings more than ten years of experience and expertise in manufacturing and machining. This deep industry knowledge is the cornerstone of Strobel Industry's approach to optimising its tool procurement and customer relationships.


company philosophy
From the beginning of its business, Strobel Industry has emphasised strong relationships with both its customers and suppliers. One of these key relationships is with a tool distributor who supplies Strobel Industry with high quality tools and materials. This partnership, based on trust and the quality of the products supplied, is central to Strobel Industry.

why did Strobel decide to use Tooltip?

However, to ensure flexibility and market overview, Strobel Industry supplements this primary source with the strategic use of Tooltip. This platform enables Strobel Industry to find additional and specific tools that are outside the main supplier's offering. In addition, Tooltip provides valuable insight into price comparisons and market availability, giving Strobel Industry a stronger negotiating position and improved transparency. 

the role of Tooltip in Strobel Industry's procurement process

By integrating Tooltip into its procurement process, Strobel Industry is taking advantage of digitalisation to optimise its processes and increase efficiency. Tooltip serves not as a replacement, but as a complement to existing relationships with suppliers by enabling:

  • Explore and compare a wider range of tools, reducing reliance on a single supplier.

  • Identify better prices and offers that improve the company's cost framework and profitability.

  • Further digitise procurement processes, increasing time efficiency and flexibility in ordering.

Geschäftsführer Strobel Industry GbR Thomas Strobel



For Strobel Industry, integrating Tooltip into its procurement processes is a strategic step towards strengthening its market position and improving operational efficiency. This does not diminish the importance of existing supplier relationships, but complements them with additional options and information. This approach supports Strobel Industry in its further development and helps the company to establish itself as an agile and progressive organisation in the manufacturing industry.

Your team will also benefit from optimised ordering and tool management processes. Request a demo of TOOLTIP Premium here:

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