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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to your questions about using the TOOLTIP platform. Navigate topics Why TOOLTIP, use of the platform, delivery and processing as well as invoice. If your question remains unanswered, write to us in the chat or go to our CONTACT Page. We support you in every matter.   

  • What is the difference between "public" and "own" suppliers?
    A public supplier is a manufacturer of precision tools that is accessible to all customers on the TOOLTIP platform. Every customer can order from these suppliers and they are visible to every user of the platform. A proprietary supplier is a supplier with whom a customer already has a business relationship. TOOLTIP sets up a database of its own suppliers for the customer. This allows the customer to place orders with these suppliers directly from their account and receives specific conditions that they have agreed with these suppliers.
  • Which suppliers can I find on TOOLTIP?
    On TOOLTIP you will find a variety of established manufacturers of precision tools from Germany. However, we don't just offer large manufacturers the opportunity to sell their tools online. Even small tool grinding shops can set up a simple and efficient online sales channel by using our platform. In addition, TOOLTIP also acts as a multiplier for tool manufacturers with an existing online presence.
  • What advantages does TOOLTIP offer compared to other tool searches?
    The goal of TOOLTIP as a web platform is to connect customers with manufacturers of precision tools. We therefore offer a manufacturer-independent and manufacturer-independent tool search. Instead of spending time going through the catalogs or searches of the individual providers, you can find everything centrally in one place at TOOLTIP. So you can always find the right precision tool for your application!
  • What advantages does TOOLTIP offer me as a buyer?
    TOOLTIP, as a central platform for precision tools, offers buyers the opportunity to streamline their ordering processes in the area of precision tools. On our platform for cutting tools you have everything at a glance. You can quickly compare prices and availability and place orders to multiple suppliers at the same time with just one click. Take your C-part management in the area of precision tools to the next level with TOOLTIP!
  • What advantages does TOOLTIP offer me as a user and cutting machine operator?
    TOOLTIP offers you as a cutting machine operator the opportunity to always find the right tool for your specific application. You can compare tools from different manufacturers so that you can always be sure that you are using the most suitabletool. You will also find all the necessary technical details about the tools and will always keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to current and powerful cutting tools.
  • As a user, can I store my special price conditions with my suppliers?
    Yes, as a TOOLTIP user you have the opportunity to store your individual special price conditions with your own suppliers. This means you can benefit from these special conditions when ordering via the platform.
  • Which tools can I find on the TOOLTIP platform?
    On the TOOLTIP platform you will find an extensive selection of precision tools that have been specially developed for machining. These include, for example, turning tools, milling tools, drills, countersinks, reamers and taps. We also offer tools for fine machining that ensure the highest precision and surface quality. Our tool selection includes various materials including cemented carbide (solid carbide), high speed steel (HSS), boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and monocrystalline diamond (MKD), both coated and uncoated. As an online platform, TOOLTIP offers a cross-manufacturer tool search to offer you a wide selection of tools. You can search for tools for specific applications, materials or sizes using our filter options.
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