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Services for
tool manufacturers
and suppliers 

TOOLTIP acts as a communication bridge between manufacturers and users of cutting tools. We can help you as a tool manufacturer or supplier to get noticed by up to 43,000 potential customers in Germany and beyond. Expand your first online sales channel or strengthen your online presence! 

Data digitization

Bring your tool data up to date according to industry standards DIN and ISO.

Listing on TOOLTIP platform

Present your product portfolio and sell your tools online via the TOOLTIP platform.

Your own

Online shop

Benefit from TOOLTIP web infrastructure just for your portfolio.


Appear in TOOLTIP print and online advertisements, trade shows and conferences.

Your advantages as a partner

expanded market presence and reach

Increased sales through better customer accessibility and higher visibility

cost and time savings when setting up your own online shop

more customer contact and sales opportunities through TOOLTIP

Become a partner

Become a partner of TOOLTIP and offer your cutting tools worldwide on our web platform!


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Find out more about our services for tool manufacturers and suppliers! 

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