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Review of NORTEC: trade fair for production in Hamburg

Updated: Feb 9

NORTEC, hamburg, exhibition, manufacturing

We are very pleased about the numerous interested parties who would like us to personally present our software solution for the procurement of precision tools at the NORTEC trade fair! Even the well-known trade magazine “NC Manufacturing” reported on us:

"ToolTip GmbH is breaking new ground together with our customers and cooperation partners IWT Bremen, Zoller, H.Bilz, SPPW and DTS GmbH. CEO Dr.-Ing. Dmytro Borysenko explains the difference: "We centralize the tool search and also display the prices You, as a CNC manufacturer, can start an intelligent tool search using our web-based tooltip software, which we developed together with the IWT Bremen under the direction of Prof. Karpushewski, and thus find your new precision tool for your CNC-Machining with just a few clicks.”

NORTEC, trade fair, Hamburg, production

Just try out our website and immediately enjoy the advantages of modern tool search!


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